I have made a lot of stuff. Here are pictures of some of it.

This is Ted – he demanded his own section. He is made of needle felted wool and he has fully movable arms, legs and neck. He likes to travel and has visited places all over the world. You can buy Ted badges from me, and hopefully greetings cards soon too.

A photo montage of Ted on his travels in Scotland, Portugal, Northumberland, and beyond!

This bit is about my cat Frida Kahlo. She also loves wool and can often be found checking it for warmth and comfort rating. I was inspired by my cat and by the artist Housetu Sato to make a giant wearable cat hat. I have also made Frida Kahlo peg dolls and brooches.

A photo montage of images of my cat, a giant woollen cat head that I made and some Frida Khola inspired pieces included a brooch and a peg doll.

This is a commission I did of the musician Richard Snow Hattersley whom you may know from such bands as The Fab Four, and Richard Snow & The Inlaws. He is also a part time member of Fun of the Pier and this commission allows him to appear onstage even if he can’t make it.

A commission piece - Fun of the Pier part time band member Richard Snow playing his Rickenbacker guitar. The piece is made from needle felted wool and is about two feet tall.