Archived posts

These are some posts from the early days of the website plus a delightful comment. Delightful comments welcome 🙂


Salvador Dali (peg)

I created a peg doll Salvador Dali walking his pet anteater. In the background are two lobsters having a fight. I read that he called his anteater Juan Cha Cha but I’m not certain of this. If you’re a Dali expert please confirm if this is true. I hope it is.



A tribute to a favourite 70’s childhood cartoon in peg form. I liked the fact Crystal Tipps had mad hair, my hair is mad too (but not purple, purple curly hair would make me look like a clown). If you haven’t watched this cartoon because you’re too young to know what I’m on about, look it up, it’s very cute and colourful. It was created by Hilary Hayton, this is her website


Oh My Stars I love your stuff! Found you whilst googling an image of Crystal Tips to explain to a younger colleague. [Fiona]



Out on the wily windy moors….


Is this the world’s biggest peg? If so, this could be the world’s biggest peg doll! (with tiny peg doll). I didn’t make the giant peg, it was beautifully made by my friend Tony Pointer, I just added arms, painted/clothed her and glued on some hair. Behold – the peg doll has a peg doll of its own!